Getting into the jewelry business has been more of an evolution.  Looking back some 38 years, the "old" school is now "my" school.  I first started out on the bottom.  My apprenticeship started at the age of 17.  The first test was showing my desire, sweeping and mopping the floor, taking out trash, running errands, staying late and showing commitment.  Hopefully they see I have a little common sense and determine that I am a worthwhile investment.  Later I was the delivery boy for the store. Our local little store was not  only a retail jewelry store but a trade shop for some 25-30 stores around southern CA so I also got a lot of my driving experience during this time.  Running around southern CA with thousands of dollars of jewelry in my little briefcase was quite an experience.  Several years later a position on the bench opened up and I was asked if I would like to learn the real jewelry business of working in gold!

            With great excitement I began my education in the art of jewelry, first with repair, the bread and butter of a trade shop.  I also got to see and learn some of the basics of  hand making and setting. These techniques take many years to master and I was fortunate to gain the fundamentals of them.  I also was able to experience custom designs which were handled by the Master goldsmith and setter in the shop.  To see something created from nothing is an incredible sight to see and this peaked my interest further.  I have fond memories of this store as I moved forward from there.  I still look back to what started it all. This store like all the others had its unique style and techniques.

           Beginning in a traditional American store, I experienced all facets of jewelry making.  The following companies were very different as I found myself in a European company.  These next years I refer to as my college years as all my previous knowledge was tested and challenged.  I had never before worked in high-end fashion handmade in 18k and platinum.  I questioned myself now, asking if I could do this.  I was in the company of people who spoke no English and had very different techniques that were foreign to me.  As the Master Goldsmith/Designer once told me, "You have no need to go to Europe to learn to be a goldsmith.  It is here for you to learn."  I was truly fortunate and lucky.  Right in my own back yard were some of the finest European goldsmiths in southern CA!  There were many different nationalities and languages but we could communicate through jewelry.  Many have gone on to be very well known in their own right. I have found myself in their company now by my achievements and fortitude.

             As the years have moved on I have been able to incorporate goldsmithing, setting and the more natural aspect of my personality, my creativity.  I am now comfortable calling myself a designer.  I can control all aspects of a design from start to finish with the highest amount of integrity and quality.  Mother Nature has created some of the most beautiful stones in the world and I feel very fortunate working with some of the rarest creations. There are very few things where one can say, "This will last forever".  I can create one of those rare pieces for you, that will forever last the test of time. I'm a very lucky person.  Maybe I can create something for you!

Awards:    1989 Lazare Kaplan Competition: Second 

                       2002 AGTA Spectrum Competition: Business/Day Cat.- First Place

                       2003 AGTA Spectrum Competition: Bridal Wear Cat.-Manufacturer's Honors

                       2005 16th Annual Michigan Jewelers Ass. Jewelry Design Comp.- First  Place

                       2005 Michigan Jewelers Association: Judge's Choice

                       2010 Bench  Jewelers Passion competition:  First Place, Ladies Jewelry

                       2010 Bench Jewelers Passion competition: Second Place, Men's Jewelry

Honors: 2005 AGTA Spectrum Competition: Casual Wear- Honorable Mention

                       2008 Bench Jewelers Passion Competition: Finalist for CAD Rendering

                               (computer aided design) Ladies Jewelry

                       2009 AGTA Collection 

Publications:  THE J REPORT- Feb. 2007 Counter Points Edition sec.

                                 Photo used 2002 AGTA Spec. Earrings, Used for  Exceptional setting skill

                                 INSTORE MAGAZINE: Feb. 2006, Cover Shot of Ring